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Warm water recycling unit, type WWR


Saves up to 75% during an 8-hour-working shift.
The recycling tank is installed alongside the Casing Cleaning Line.
The overflow water from the Casing Cleaning Line is canalized into the recycler.
The fat on the surface is scraped out of the tank by rubber scrapers.
The water flows through two filters before it is heated up by stem or electricity to reach the set temperature.
A heavy duty pump is pumping back the water to the Casing Cleaning Line.
Can be used with all our Casing Cleaning Lines for Hog, Beef and Sheep.
All in high-grade stainless steel.
Noiseless operation.
Easy to clean.
Maintenance free.
Foodsafe material.


Motor 0,12 Kw, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Heaters 9 Kw or steam
Pump 4 Kw